Americas Defenders Coins, Inc. was started by a group of combat Veterans of the 75th Ranger Regiment and their friends in business. We believed that the unit issued and commercially available "Ranger coins" or "Challenge coins", could be done better in true Ranger style, "100% and then some…". We also decided to make our coins historically accurate and out of fine Silver.

ADC, Inc. primarily designs and manufactures Ranger Regiment challenge coins out of .999 pure silver, in America, by Americans! We got our start doing this "By Rangers, For Rangers". Let us also be clear, our name was chosen because 60% of our owner/employee board members volunteered to leave the comfort and safety of the U.S.A. to serve overseas, in combat as soldiers in the 75th Ranger Regiment. We know exactly what it meant when we chose our companies name…Americas Defenders Coins, Inc. Just like those who went before us, we have shared the burden of service which, is reflected in the images you see at the bottom of our web site. Although our contribution is minor, our small business applied some Attention to Detail and corrected the unit coin discrepancies, typo's, and made them historically accurate. We earnestly give back to those who risk it all and put their lives on the line. Please refer to our Philanthropic efforts and Ranger community links. ADC also makes custom coins for customers on a case by case basis.