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Killer Man's Sons Challenge Coin

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KMS Members ONLY contact KMS for coin sales

Killer Man's Sons official challenge coin. KMS is a motorcycle club for 75th Ranger Regiment Veterans. If you are a KMS member and would like to purchase a KMS coin, please contact your National or Regional leadership for details. These coins are not available for non member purchase. 

KMS can be contacted here:

Killer Mans Sons National: KMSNational@gmail.com

Smith’s Station AL Chapter: KMSSmithsStation@gmail.com

Low Country (Savannah,GA) Chapter: KMSMCLowCountry@gmail.com

Tacoma WA Chapter: KMSTacoma@gmail.com

Northeast Nomads Chapter: KMSNENomads@gmail.com

Southwest Nomads Chapter: KMSMCSWNomads@gmail.com

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